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The Official Ballot Count as counted on June 21, 2022 to approve the amendment to the Declarations to prohibit Vacation Rentals
In Favor of the Amendment   115
Against the Amendment            15
Did not Vote (not counted)      38
Motion passes
Insurance Requirement Changes
a.       Real Property coverage of at least $40,000.00  AND
b.       Have a loss assessment of $10,000.00 and an earthquake endorsement of at least $35,000.00.  Insurance carriers differ on how they write these policies so                    please check with your carrier for this coverage. OR
c.       Provide the Association with a statement acknowledging that you are going to be self-insuring and realize that you will be liable for any loss assessments imposed            by the HOA.
Bird Feeders
This new rule prohibits bird feeders except Hummingbird feeders.  The reasoning behind this change is to deter birds from feeding around the buildings and then making nests and soiling all over the common areas.  This would include all feeders that use bird seed and suet feeders